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What are any disadvantages of redistributing eBGP routes into IGP

I wonder if there are any conceptual disadvantages of redistributing routes learned through eBGP peerings into an IGP, like OSPF. I have read of course about performance issues and the risk of ...

bgp redistribution igp  
user avatar asked by Patrick Aszody Score of 2
user avatar answered by Ron Trunk Score of 5

What is the max speed capability of OM2 / 300m?

I am just learning about the outlay of my worksite which has a multi block setup (physical buildings) each connected by their own fibre connection to the main aggregation switch. I am in the process ...

fiber speed  
user avatar asked by jwknz Score of 2
user avatar answered by Zac67 Score of 1

Broadcast Storm Control - DLF

I'm reading strom-comtrol feature but I'm confusing about DLF (destination lookup failure) What kind of DLF packet? I'm thinking it's non-unicast packet, right? Tks!

user avatar asked by Unstoppableee Score of 1
user avatar answered by Zac67 Score of 0

troubleshoot pcaps for BACnet industrial protocol in OT/IoT

I have a test bench that I am trying to learn how to take pcaps with WireShark for BACnet UDP traffic of building automation devices. 4 devices in total on test bench: Windows 10 OS running ...

user avatar asked by bbartling Score of 1
user avatar answered by Zac67 Score of 0

What happens if the layer 2 destination MAC address mismatches?

I was wondering, what happens if I send a packet with layer 2 destination (say 1ebf) different that what will receive it, lets say a router (mac 22ff) recieves it. Will it drop the packet? Or ...

router mac-address layer2 next-hop  
user avatar asked by AlazOz Score of 1
user avatar answered by Zac67 Score of 1

Why does TCP sender drop rate 50% on lost-packets?

Why is the standard TCP sender response to packet-loss (congestion), to drop 50% of the sending rate and then start working back up ? If packet-loss was 20%, why not just drop 20% or maybe 25% to be ...

tcp packet-loss congestion  
user avatar asked by GroovyDotCom Score of 1
user avatar answered by Zac67 Score of 2

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to divide network into subnets?

I've been trying to figure out how to divide a network number into particular subjects where one of them require a particular number of hosts. I have the Computer Networking: A Top Down Approach but ...

ipv4 ip subnet  
user avatar asked by orange Score of 8
user avatar answered by Ron Maupin Score of 14

What are the differences between VRRP and HSRP?

Are there any significant differences between VRRP and HSRP?

routing backups hsrp fhrp vrrp  
user avatar asked by Bulki Score of 16
user avatar answered by Yosef Gunsburg Score of 24

How does gratuitous ARP work?

Does gratuitous ARP work like a normal ARP request? Why is gratuitous ARP used for HSRP?

ethernet arp hsrp  
user avatar asked by Trojan Score of 39
user avatar answered by Sebastian Wiesinger Score of 46

What is the difference between netFlow and sFlow?

How is sFlow different from netFlow, and how is each supported by different vendors ?

monitoring netflow sflow  
user avatar asked by Benjamin A. Score of 23
user avatar answered by Jez Score of 22

Why are IPv4 addresses running out?

I understand that we are running out (or ran out already?) of IPv4 addresses, but I don't really understand why that is. Right now, every home has its own IPv4 address (dynamically assigned, but still,...

ip ipv4 nat ipv6 ip-address  
user avatar asked by mnj Score of 70
user avatar answered by Ron Maupin Score of 169

How does a switch learn a switch table?

Say the switch table is empty. If computer A sends a frame destined to computer B, the switch will broadcast asking who has the mac address of B. What if C suddenly sends a frame to A? What is the ...

switch ethernet mac-address arp  
user avatar asked by Celeritas Score of 30
user avatar answered by Ron Trunk Score of 47

Why use iBGP inside an Autonomous System, if IGP protocols fulfill the need for internal communication

Can anyone explain why we need iBGP for the routes when we have the IGP protocols (OSPF, RIP) for internal communication within the AS? I have read a lot of articles and books, but I could not find ...

routing router bgp ospf igp  
user avatar asked by user2720323 Score of 23
user avatar answered by Mike Pennington Score of 26
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