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Top new questions this week:

Cisco Forwarding ASIC Buffer failure

We have Cisco fex Switches which connect to 5696 and we see this errors on them. "forwarding ASIC Buffer failure" Do you have any Experiences ?

asked by Mesbah Ahmadi 3 votes
answered by Jesse P. 2 votes

Does it require a DAD when generating link-local address in IPv6

In IPv4, link-local addresses are checked to be unique using an ARP request. But in IPv6, as it is generated by a EUI-64 or hash. It is assumed to be unique (I suppose). But does it require a DAD (...

ipv6 ip-link-local  
asked by random000 2 votes
answered by Ron Maupin 3 votes

Optimize Network For UDP Broadcast Traffic?

I have a computer that creates an AP which multiple microcontrollers connect to. The computer sends out UDP Broadcast packets that tell the microcontrollers to do different things. I have an issue ...

ieee-802.11 udp broadcast  
asked by Noah 1 vote

Why solicited-node multicast address while all-node multicast address can do the same thing?

Why bother plugging in the last 24 bits of the sender's unicast address into the solicited-node multicast address while all-node multicast address can achieve the same thing? In my view, this move is ...

ipv6 ndp  
asked by random000 1 vote
answered by Ron Maupin 2 votes

Is this description of data transmission over L3 switch correct?

So I'm trying to describe how data is transmitted over a layer 3 switch (within same Vlan and between Vlan) but I'm not sure if I have understood it correctly. Can anybody verify if this description ...

switch switching packet-analysis  
asked by Ole Kristian 1 vote
answered by Zac67 0 votes

Cisco ASA syslog messages, reversed source and destination for outbound communication?

I'm writing my own parser for transforming the syslog output from the ASA firewall into CSV for deeper analysis. What I don't get, is why the "for" and "to" machines are switched ...

cisco cisco-asa syslog  
asked by mfloris 1 vote
answered by mfloris 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is the meaning / origin of the terms north-south and east-west traffic?

In context of networking I keep running into statements such as "east-west traffic is larger than north-south traffic". I have tried a bit of googling but have not been able to locate an authoritative ...

asked by ams 57 votes
answered by Ron Trunk 76 votes

What is SNR Margin and Line Attenuation?

I'm currently using an adsl connection and last week an engineer from my ISP came and told me that my SNR margin and line attenuation is not good, and they need to replace the main telephone cable to ...

router adsl  
asked by Dilum Jayawardhana 13 votes
answered by jcbermu 18 votes

Does having a longer Ethernet cable slow your connection?

As the title suggests, Does a longer Ethernet cable slow your connection down?

ethernet cable layer1  
asked by SidS 49 votes
answered by CoffeDeveloper 7 votes

What's the difference between an Ethernet cable and a UTP cable?

Is there such a thing as an Ethernet cable or technically no? Are they actually called UTP cables? From wikipedia UTP cables are found in many Ethernet networks and telephone systems.

ethernet layer1 cable terminology utp  
asked by Celeritas 16 votes
answered by YLearn 22 votes

How does a WiFi range extender work?

I have a WiFi base station, and a WiFi range extender. Both of them have the same SSID. When a device connects to that SSID, what exactly happens? How does the device know that base station and range ...

asked by Johannes Ernst 17 votes
answered by YLearn 11 votes

dhcpv6 - stateful VS stateless, what is difference between it?

Can someone explain me, what is difference between DHCPv6 Stateful and Stateless? I was looking on the net and, surprisingly, I found only the remains of information but some general comparison or ...

dhcp dhcpv6  
asked by Paul 8 votes
answered by Eddie 6 votes

What is the actual size of an Ethernet MTU

I think I might be getting confused with terminology surrounding MTU. This definition from Wendell Odom's CCNA book on MTU: The IEEE 802.3 specification limits the data portion of the 802.3 frame to ...

ethernet protocol-theory mtu  
asked by Josh 36 votes
answered by Gerben 40 votes
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