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Top new questions this week:

5 nines, how is it built from 4 nines links

How is 5 nines calculated using lesser reliable links? For example, we have 2 x 4 nines connections used in an active/active setup... which supposedly equates to 5 nines, but I don't buy it... how ...

redundancy backups  
asked by user10021657 7 votes
answered by JFL 15 votes

Can IOS-XE handle multiple snmp-trap source?

we have multiple VRF on an ASR and the snmp traps should be sent on different VRFs. All VRF has a dedicated Loopback interface which should be used as snmp trap source. The snmp-server trap-source ...

asked by human374 2 votes
answered by Ron Trunk 1 vote

How to verify the traffic forwarding class in Junos if it is set by firewall filter?

I have a firewall filter below which puts the ICMP traffic to assured-forwarding class if the bandwidth threshold is not exceeded: root@vmx> show configuration firewall filter example | display ...

juniper qos  
asked by Martin 1 vote
answered by NABEEL NASIR 2 votes

CRC errors in DC, ruled out L1 issues

I have a very strange problem with links in one datacenter and I'm looking for some other solutions I haven't looked for yet. We have a network based on Cisco Nexus 3K and most of the core links ...

cisco switch fiber errors  
asked by Sage 1 vote
answered by Jeff Wheeler 0 votes

Why can't i reach devices in the other network?

I have 2 networks and want to connect them with each other. It should be possible that all devices in network A can communicate with devices on network B and other way round. 1 network is "managed" by ...

router firewall networking pfsense-2  
asked by CodeNinja 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

GNS3: Configuring/Emulating a Juniper Router on GNS3

I need to be able to emulate a Juniper Router (JunOS) on GNS3. I have seen that this is available as on option in the 'Node Types' list on GNS3. When I try to use this to add a Juniper Router to ...

router juniper juniper-junos gns3  
asked by thilina R 5 votes
answered by thilina R 5 votes

About the switchport mode

I am new to network Engineering. I find it is hard to distinguish and understand different switchport settings. Why can I have a switchport set to access, auto, or dynamic? What are they used for? ...

cisco switching-modes  
asked by Samuel 18 votes
answered by knotseh 27 votes

Best practice using Cisco's "ip-helper" for DHCP?

Our topology is such that we have two 4510's in our IDF closets. Each switch has a data VLAN and a voice VLAN. The switches are layer 2 trunked to the core, where the VLAN interfaces are, routing ...

asked by Pseudocyber 16 votes
answered by Ryan 10 votes

How can I capture traffic on Cisco IOS switches?

For investigating a problem in client to server communication, I need to capture packets for analysis. However it's not allowed to install a packet analyzer, such as Wireshark or tcpdump, on client or ...

cisco monitoring cisco-ios wireshark  
asked by Stefan 23 votes
answered by Stefan 34 votes

Is it safe to use any wifi channel in the 2.4GHz band?

It seems that everything I read about wifi says there are only three usable channels in the 2.4 GHz band; however, there are eleven 2.4Ghz wifi channels allowed in the US. If everyone is using 1, 6 ...

asked by Ron Trunk 22 votes
answered by Ron Trunk 29 votes

How can hosts on two different VLANs communicate?

It is clear that hosts on two different VLANs can't directly communicate on a single switch, but how do they communicate to each other at all? Do they use a router? How does it work?

routing switch vlan switching  
asked by ds459 5 votes
answered by Ron Maupin 4 votes

converting AP from CAPWAP to autonomous - BVI1 interface gets reverted back to DHCP

Has anyone ever gotten this message in the middle of converting a CAPWAP access point from CAPWAP to autonomous? *Mar 1 00:47:59.399: %CAPWAP-3-STATIC_TO_DHCP_IP: Could not discover WLC using static ...

cisco wireless capwap  
asked by knotseh 10 votes
answered by knotseh 8 votes
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