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Top new questions this week:

Industrial Ethernet network design

looking for some advice on network architecture for an industrial switchroom with several constraints. Modbus TCP devices are located in motor control centre cells, these need to connect to the ...

routing switch ethernet dhcp  
asked by Kyle Hadland 3 votes
answered by Zac67 3 votes

Arista VXLan with QinQ

I've got a weird situation. Three doctors offices are merging in two cities and we are planning on merging them into one building in each city. Due to politics and crappy software each office will ...

vxlan arista qinq  
asked by vxwhaa 2 votes
answered by Teun Vink 3 votes

LACPDU packets to pass through unmanaged switch

I have two buildings connected through the CAT6 cable and both ends have cisco-sg350 (capable of etherchannel). Due to the limitations of the cable both the switches are connected through a unmanaged ...

cisco switch switching port-channel  
asked by Ganapareddysudhakar 2 votes
answered by Ron Maupin 6 votes

juniper vlan-ccc vs ethernet-ccc for eompls

In juniper ethernet-ccc transports customer's vlan end to end. Does vlan-ccc also transport customer's vlan across as well? thanks.

asked by Tom 2 votes

What is the advantage of Supervised Machine Learning over Deep Packet Inspection in Network Traffic Classification?

As per the definition of Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), it uses signatures for packet filtering. Supervised Machine Learning can help put a label on a packet which does not get identified by Deep ...

firewall network layer3 qos packet-analysis  
asked by boomselector 2 votes
answered by Zac67 0 votes

Packet analyze on router does not match client and server

thank you for your time. My (virtual) network has 3 objects : a client, a server and a router between them. I'm sniffing the traffic on the 3 machine with the command tcpdump -i any -s 0 -w [path] ...

router tcp arp wireshark tcpdump  
asked by no631609 1 vote
answered by Darrell Root 1 vote

Clock Synchronization in a Network

I had a query in Clock Synchronization in a LAN.. If we already have clock synchronization in a network with the help of preamble field in an Ethernet frame. Why should we need still protocols such ...

switching layer2 lan ntp  
asked by Thulasi Veggalam 1 vote
answered by vidarlo 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Difference between Subnet and VLAN?

You often hear the terms Subnet and VLAN used interchangeably. With the ubiquitous nature of IP these days, when are the two not considered roughly the same from a high-level, understanding that ...

ipv4 vlan subnet  
asked by generalnetworkerror 35 votes
answered by ytti 43 votes

How can I diagnose a bridging (ethernet) loop?

Given that spanning tree has failed (or you don't have any spanning tree) and get an ethernet loop, what's the best way to diagnose where the problem is? Which switch?, which cable? and so on.

ethernet switch  
asked by nos 43 votes
answered by Daniel Dib 31 votes

Port mirroring on an HP Switch (HP 2915-8G)

for sniffing purposes I need to mirror traffic on an HP 2915. How would I go about doing so?

hp switching  
asked by Max 11 votes
answered by bigbash 12 votes

What is the meaning / origin of the terms north-south and east-west traffic?

In context of networking I keep running into statements such as "east-west traffic is larger than north-south traffic". I have tried a bit of googling but have not been able to locate an authoritative ...

asked by ams 37 votes
answered by Ron Trunk 47 votes

How can I reset a VPN tunnel on a Cisco ASA?

On a site-to-site VPN using a ASA 5520 and 5540, respectively, I noticed that from time to time traffic doesn't pass any more, sometimes just there's even missing traffic just for one specific traffic ...

cisco cisco-asa vpn cisco-commands  
asked by Stefan 15 votes
answered by Stefan 27 votes

Reason for both a MAC and an IP address

If my computer has an IP address,why does it need a MAC address?

ipv4 mac-address ip-address  
asked by user1369975 24 votes
answered by woliveirajr 13 votes

NMap: Failed to open device eth1

EDIT: I Have found that Nmap can work in unprivileged mode. A question related to that can be found here. I recently installed NMap 6.49BETA4, and the ZenMap GUI, on my Windows 7 Home Premium x64. ...

asked by Colin 6 votes
answered by eficker 7 votes

Can you answer this question?

Typical signs of fragmented IP fragments

Given, for example, a Wireshark trace, how can I identify that the IP fragments that I am sending are themselves being fragmented? For example, if I'm sending 1500 byte IP fragments, and the server ...

ip ipv4 fragmentation  
asked by Drayden J 1 vote
answered by Ron Maupin 0 votes
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