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TCP Multiple Segment Acknolegdement

Let's take example where in the example i will use the Independent acknowledgment. Host A has send segment 1,2,3 to the host B, after host b receive each segment it will send a Acknolegdement for each ...

network tcp networking network-theory  
user avatar asked by Apabila X Terkadang Score of 1
user avatar answered by Ron Maupin Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why must all areas connect to an Area 0 backbone in OSPF?

This question is a literal repost of the same question asked on The Cisco Support Community. Answers are unique to Stack Exchange. Why is area 0 the backbone area in OSPF? Why must all other areas ...

routing ospf  
user avatar asked by Trojan Score of 25
user avatar answered by Mike Pennington Score of 41

Using SNMP to retrieve the ARP and mac-address tables from a switch

I would like to get ARP tables from a switch to a syslog-ng server that has been set up on Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS. I have read about SNMP and I know the server will act as a manager and the switch as ...

cisco switch ethernet vlan snmp  
user avatar asked by sosytee Score of 33
user avatar answered by Mike Pennington Score of 39

Does UDP do anything at all?

It's my understanding that TCP has logic for ensuring reliable communication, but UDP just naively sends information along the channel set up for it using IP and things in lower layers. Does UDP ...

tcp protocol-theory udp transport-protocol layer4  
user avatar asked by JacKeown Score of 44
user avatar answered by Jeff Wheeler Score of 61

What's the difference between IKE and ISAKMP?

I've been building IPsec VPNs for years but to be honest I've never fully grasped the technical difference between IKE and ISAKMP. I often see the two terms used interchangeably (probably incorrectly)....

ipsec ike vpn  
user avatar asked by Jeremy Stretch Score of 81
user avatar answered by Craig Constantine Score of 61

TCPDump - Filter by MAC Address

I would like to display all traffic for or from a specific MAC address. For that I tried sudo tcpdump host aa:bb:cc:11:22:33 It does not work and returns me an error tcpdump: pktap_filter_packet: ...

mac-address ip tcpdump  
user avatar asked by phenetas Score of 41
user avatar answered by YLearn Score of 59

How IP helper address works?

How IP helper address works and what is the difference between dhcp and IP helper-address .please explain in brief.

cisco routing dhcp switching cisco-commands  
user avatar asked by Harsha D Score of 5
user avatar answered by Ron Maupin Score of 7

How is the root bridge elected in STP?

How does STP/RSTP determine which bridge is the root bridge, and how are paths to the root bridge selected?

ethernet spanning-tree layer2  
user avatar asked by nos Score of 16
user avatar answered by Daniel Dib Score of 26
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