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Top new questions this week:

Usage of, and in private networks

I know that the organization that distributes IP addresses decided to assign, and to private networks. However, I thought that private networks have their own address space ...

asked by coderhk 14 votes
answered by Darrell Root 38 votes

What happens with a ping when it enters a network? Is the router the one answering with a reply?

What happens with a ping when it enters a network? Does the router redirects it to one of the devices on the network, or it sends the reply itself? Device a1 from network A, with public IP adress P1 ...

ip ping  
asked by alex 2 votes
answered by Zac67 2 votes

Juniper Physical Interface Damping Operation

I'm currently looking at physical interface damping on Juniper MX. Fun Fact: Nowhere on this site is it mentioned that the penalty added per interface down event is 1000. Currently testing this: ...

juniper juniper-mx  
asked by Sebastian Wiesinger 2 votes
answered by Jordan Head 1 vote

Transient looping problems in Link State Routing versus Persistent looping problem in Distance Vector routing

Can someone please explain how looping problem is transient in case of link state routing, but is persistent in distance vector routing.(maybe with a nice example) Thanks in advance! :)

routing ospf rip  
asked by rohith 2 votes
answered by Bobby Voychine 3 votes

Can a single subnet work across several switches?

New to networking and studying hard but limited access to a kit to try things at the moment... My question is - if I had, for example, two Layer-2 switches cable connected, could I have devices on ...

switch subnet switching networking trunk  
asked by Tim Canning 2 votes
answered by Zac67 2 votes

PVLANs/Port isolation in IPv6 networks

We're currently using port isolation to prevent communication between computers on the same vlan and use client isolation on our guest wifi. The reason for having this enabled is to prevent unwanted ...

vlan ipv6 port-security private-vlan  
asked by ForJ9 2 votes

Correct vlan/interface config for connection to upstream provider network

We have recently switched from HP Procurve series to HP Comware based switches. A configuration which has been working on Procurve doesn't seem to work on Comware. Here are the details: The provider ...

switch vlan hp-comware  
asked by user64572 1 vote
answered by Zac67 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why and how are Ethernet Vlans tagged?

I hear about VLAN tagging, but I don’t quite understand the concept. I know a trunk cannot accept untagged packets without configuring a native VLAN, and that access ports only accept untagged ...

vlan ethernet  
asked by Vishwanath gowda k 80 votes
answered by Sebastian Wiesinger 114 votes

Bad Mask for IP Address Error

I'm not too clear on subnetting rules and experienced an error when I tried to assign to an interface on my Cisco router. Can someone please explain why it was not allowing me to ...

cisco router ipv4 subnet  
asked by THE DOCTOR 16 votes
answered by Daniel Yuste Aroca 28 votes

How to find a list of devices connected to my network (IP's and MACs)

I am trying to get a list of the devices that are connected to my Cisco (Catalyst 2960) switch. Preferably through SNMP. Here is what I've already done: I was able to retrieve the ARP table from the ...

cisco cisco-catalyst ipv4 snmp mac-address  
asked by AJ J. 9 votes
answered by Mike Pennington 6 votes

Confusing A, B, C network classes

I'm studying IPv4 addresses and came across this whole thing about classful addressing. I get the idea behind it, bit there is something I find confusing: There are two "ABC" ranges: First one: A: ...

cisco ipv4 subnet  
asked by Axel Kennedal 17 votes
answered by John Jensen 33 votes

The slash after an IP Address - CIDR Notation

What does the "/16" means in here : "", for example.

ipv4 subnet  
asked by 4m1nh4j1 184 votes
answered by user3159 194 votes

Why is an invalid broadcast address?

I’ve been following the CCENT official certification book(100-105) and came upon this question in the “do I know this already?” quiz. The books only covered /24 subnetting only so far. Which of ...

ipv4 subnet broadcast  
asked by Bilal Baroudi 16 votes
answered by Sebastian Wiesinger 40 votes

What is the difference between MSS and MTU?

I'm confused as to the difference between maximum segment size and a maximum transmission unit. Can someone please explain in relation to layers 2 and 3? If I had a packet of 800 bytes in the ...

tcp layer3 layer4 mtu pppoe  
asked by NetworkNinja 33 votes
answered by t3mp 19 votes
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