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Top new questions this week:

BGP traffic management

I have a set-up of two AS's, each AS with two routers (BGP turned up with neighbouring between AS) communicating with each other. I also have specific networks inside the AS's in which I want to use a ...

asked by DevM 6 votes
answered by Teun Vink 9 votes

Can't send message from RIP to static through BGP

Before deep into the question, please see this topology and the results of sending messages from one router to the other router: I have succeeded in sending a message from R0 to R2 (or vice versa), ...

cisco routing bgp rip  
asked by Ali Nurdin 2 votes
answered by Ron Maupin 1 vote

How does Network Layer behave when client received a unicast DHCP offer?

I went through various stack exchange post to understand the concept of DHCP offer when it comes as a unicast to client from the DHCP server. A server can send a unicast DHCP offer since it knows the ...

ip dhcp networking layer2 layer3  
asked by vivek 1 vote
answered by Zac67 0 votes

BGP Cisco best practices to filter client asn and prefixes

I have two bgp routers. OSPF as IGP and on Loopback's iBGP. Both routers have different peers, but both receive full routing table. I have to connect client through BGP and give him full table. Client ...

cisco routing bgp  
asked by pad19 1 vote
answered by ditrapanij 0 votes

Cisco 2960x Stack IOS version mismatch

Hope some of you already have some hands-on experience with that - if you're adding a new switch to the stack and you get IOS version mismatch, can you still copy the bin image from the master to the ...

cisco cisco-catalyst stacking cisco-2960  
asked by Martin Ledermann 1 vote
answered by Ricky 0 votes

Is it possible to configure DHCP on a router or UTM firewall for the multiple VLANs on L3 Switch?

I'm working on expanding our office network to accommodate more users/devices. Currently we have the DHCP configured on a UTM firewall(cyberoam ing50) device(cum router) providing IP addresses for ...

cisco router vlan firewall dhcp  
asked by user73393 1 vote
answered by Ron Maupin 1 vote

Multicast traffic through Cisco3850

I have a test scenario and trying to pass multicast traffic through Cisco 3850 according to the following diagram: ![enter image description here MC source: several MC IPs such as, 232.0.27....

multicast igmp  
asked by Gianna 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Does UDP do anything at all?

It's my understanding that TCP has logic for ensuring reliable communication, but UDP just naively sends information along the channel set up for it using IP and things in lower layers. Does UDP ...

tcp protocol-theory udp transport-protocol layer4  
asked by JacKeown 43 votes
answered by Jeff Wheeler 58 votes

What is the difference between netFlow and sFlow?

How is sFlow different from netFlow, and how is each supported by different vendors ?

monitoring netflow sflow  
asked by Benjamin A. 22 votes
answered by Jez 22 votes

Minimum Ethernet Cable Length?

I have heard from a few people that cables less than 1 meter are prone to transmission problems. Is there any minimum copper cabling length? Please explain if this is true or not and share any ...

ethernet layer1 cable cabling  
asked by Jim 20 votes
answered by MagnaVis 9 votes

What are the reasons for seeing an incomplete ARP?

As was mentioned in this post: The reason for seeing an incomplete ARP is that "An ARP request was sent for that address, but the host with that address is not up and running on the LAN, so there is ...

switch router arp layer3  
asked by kamokoba 7 votes
answered by Ron Maupin 2 votes

Cable Colors and Purpose

I've been doing some work with some big businesses and so far I've learned yellow is internet and blue is phone. Is this a standard or is this just a personal chose? Do colors mean different tasks?

layer1 cable cabling best-practices  
asked by Jason 19 votes
answered by generalnetworkerror 22 votes

The slash after an IP Address - CIDR Notation

What does the "/16" means in here : "", for example.

ipv4 subnet  
asked by 4m1nh4j1 222 votes
answered by user3159 229 votes

What is the meaning / origin of the terms north-south and east-west traffic?

In context of networking I keep running into statements such as "east-west traffic is larger than north-south traffic". I have tried a bit of googling but have not been able to locate an authoritative ...

asked by ams 49 votes
answered by Ron Trunk 65 votes
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