I have a scenario whereby we will have over 15 remote IPSEC sites concentrated back to HO where a bluecoat proxy lives; the proxy is in transparent mode. The remote sites will have SRP527W's with an ASA5510 at HO. All remote sites have a DSL connection. I'm wondering if we can send across all web traffic from the sites through the bluecoat proxy to enforce content management.

I've had a quick look at the route inside <proxyIP> tunneled command, but I haven't tested it yet.

Just wondering if anybody has other suggestions?

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You will have to redesign a bit of your network to solve this. Here's the network as I see it:

LAN-BlueCoat-ASA --> VPN --> SRP.

You can transport all traffic from spokes to the ASA, then to Internet, but your proxy is behind ASA so I don't see how the traffic can reach it. One desperate solution, would be to move the proxy in front of the ASA, but for many reasons I don't recommend it.

This being said, I can think of two ways of doing it: - use an explicit proxy to all the remote sites (the bluecoat IP), so everyone will send any WEB request through the tunnel straight to the appliance - replace ASA with a VPN&UTM equipment like Fortinet, SRX, UTM-1...


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