@edit: SOLVED!!! - See my answer below!

how's going?

Scenario: Trunk two Switches (Dell 6224 and Cisco SF300) for accessing them from the MGMT VLAN.

Cisco ge2 -------TRUNK-------> Dell 1/g22

Dell 1/g1 ------ACCESS-------> PC01
Cisco fe1 ------ACCESS-------> PC02

Cisco conf:

interface gigabitethernet2                                          
 switchport trunk allowed vlan add 10-16,99,999                     
interface fastethernet1                                             
 switchport mode access                                             
 switchport access vlan 99 

Dell conf:

    ip address
    ip address vlan 99
    interface ethernet  1/g22
      switchport mode trunk
      switchport trunk allowed vlan add 99
    interface ethernet 1/g1
    switchport access vlan 99

So, I can:

From PC01, reach the Dell.

From PC02, reach the Cisco.

I want to be able to run the trunk and reach any device from any device on this list, PC01 -> Cisco; Dell -> Cisco etc etc.

What am I missing?


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@edit: SOLVED!!!

Just missed the port numbers, CAN'T BELIEVE IT!

The Cisco and Dell port order numbers are different .

But well, this conf I just posted works as a charm, now I have all devices connected!

Thanks anyway :D


If the Dell switch does not support DTP, you might need to explicitly set

switchport mode trunk

on the Cisco's ge2 interface.

  • Did that. Just doesn't show in the show run command. Aug 28, 2014 at 12:49

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