I generated a CSR using CLI, then Thawte senT me certificate. I typed some commands, something went wrong, and I deleted the CSR from the ASA.

Do I have to generate new a CSR and ask Thawte for new certificate, or is it possible to restore a deleted CSR? I have ASDM access as well.

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You will have used the command:

crypto ca enroll TP-NAME

where TP-NAME is the name of your trustpoint.

All you will need to do now is:

crypto ca import TP-NAME certificate

where TP-NAME is the same as the one you used for creating the CSR (using the enroll command)

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I install certificates so infrequently that I do this all the time and I never bother trying to restore it.

It's trivial to just re-do the CSR and request another cert. Most SSL cert providers will give you unlimited re-keys and even if its an EV certificate they'll re-issue the certificate within minutes.

You'll probably save a lot of time by just starting from the beginning.

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