If I want just 1 device to be on the network, can I set the subnet mask to

For example, the consider the network card configuration

IP mask Gateway will be the only device in the network talking to the gateway? Is there a problem with this configuration?

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    A device and a gateway... isn't that two devices?
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Yes, there's a problem. Your default gateway needs to be in the same subnet as your device. By setting the subnet mask to, you've told the computer that nothing else is in its subnet. A more appropriate way to do things would be to set your device IP to, your gateway to, and your subnet mask to


There are two machines in your subnet pc + gateway, so you should set up at least /30 mask ( and the proper network of course. Cheers.


A device address 32-bit mask cannot have a gateway; it must be routed. Typically, 32-bit masks are used on loopback addresses.

If you are attempting to have a point-to-point link, you may use a 31-bit mask, per RFC 3021, Using 31-Bit Prefixes on IPv4 Point-to-Point Links.

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