I need to create a 6 port static Etherchannel link between a stack of 3 Cisco 3850's and a Nortel 8310. Can someone provided a basic config for the Nortel side. I have little experience with the platform and online documentation has been frustratingly sparse.

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Look at this link and scroll about half way down.


UPDATE: Fixed - Here's how you get LACP to work with the 8300.

The configuration is simple, for a base line.

Configure your ports and vlans as you would normally (for multiple vlans enable tagging on the port level)

config ethernet 1/1-1/2,2/1-2/2 perform-tagging enable
config ethernet 1/1-1/2,2/1-2/2 lacp key 10
config ethernet 1/1-1/2,2/1-2/2 lacp aggregate true
config ehternet 1/1-1/2,2/1-2/2 lacp enable

config vlan 2 create byport 1
config vlan 2 ports add 1/1-1/2,2/1-2/2 member portmember

Configure your mlt group

config mlt 5 create
config mlt 5 lacp key 10
config mlt 5 lacp enable

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