Whether a router is needed to connect two subnets.

Say for example:

Subnet-1 : to  Subnet Mask:
Subnet-2 : to Subnet Mask:

Whether subnet-1 requires a router and subnet 2 requires another router.

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You could use separate routers for each subnet or you could use one for both. If you would use only one router, there are two ways to go: Router-on-a-stick (both subnets will use or are connected to the same router interface) or connect each subnet to a different interface (remember each router interface should belong to different subnets).

Router-on-a-stick is usually the way to go since routers generally have few interfaces.


Routing is required to transit between two networks, whether a 'router' or layer 3 aware switch is better suited to the environment depends on the circumstances of the individual network.

The same routing device can support multiple subnets.


You need only one single Router to connect several IP subnets.

However, you need one Layer 3 interface per Subnet.

To connect the two Subnets you have several options, depending on the topology you're having there.

For example:
[Layer 2 Switch] <-> [Router] <-> [Layer 2 Switch]
[Server] <-> [Multilayer Switch] <-> [Server]
[Server] <-> [Router] // Connected with one tagged interface
[Server] <-> [Router] // Connected with one cable per Interface / Subnet

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