It is the first time that I am working with HP switches. I want to use LACP on two stacked HP 2920-48G switches. Does somebody have an example of the configuration I need to use on both switches ? Also, I want to connect the two stacked switches with two other stacked switches by using the 10GbE module. Is it just plug and connect or do I have to configure something ?

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If you're just using 1 10Gb port to connect them, you only have to add that link into the VLANs you want to share between the switches, if any. Out of the box, there'd be no configuration on your side w/ 1 link

With 2 links, you will want to form a link aggregation in one of 2 ways. Say you're going to link over 1/49 and 2/49 (first 10Gb on both switches in the stack) to ports 1/50 and 2/50 on the 2nd stack (second 10Gb on both switches in the stack). It's like this:

Stack 1:

trunk 1/49,2/49 trk1 lacp

Stack 2:

trunk 1/50,2/50 trk1 lacp

The name 'trk1' becomes the virtual port name. It doesn't have to match on both sides.

The last keyword lacp can also be trunk. The difference is that lacp is a more stateful connection, trunk being static port bundle.

Finally, if you have VLANs that need to transit the trunk, you have to allow those across. Just like the other ports are set up, but with the 'trk1' port. If you had, say VLANs 10 and 20, you'd do this on both stacks:

vlan 10

tagged trk1

vlan 20

tagged trk1
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