I would like to do QoS based on port-based VLAN traffic on a Brocade VDX67xx series router running NOS 4.1.

Just need a way to say, "traffic on VLAN 100 has a higher priority ingress/egress than vlan 200."

I am not seeing an obvious way to do this. I know in the past, on Cisco devices, you can assign a priority to a VLAN interface.

I've combed google, and the manual and must be missing something. The qos command in the configuration doesn't seem like anything I need either.


I think it can be done in this way. First select the traffic to mark:

sw0(config)# ip access-list extended acl1

sw0(conf-ipacl-ext)# permit ip any any vlan 100

Then link the ACL with a class-map:

sw0(config)# class-map class1

sw0(config-classmap)# match access-group acl1

Then assign the CoS value:

sw0(config)# policy-map policy1

sw0(config-policymap)# class class1

sw0(config-policymap-class)# set cos 3

As a last step apply the ACL to an RBridge:

sw0(config)# qos service-policy in policy1

sw0(config-service-policy-in/policy1)# attach rbridge-id add 10

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