I'm trying to find out what the command line option is to set the password memory of an F5 BIG IP. I know Password Memory can be set from the GUI but I'm not sure how it is done using the tmsh?

I reviewed the online documentation of F5, but this command wasn't listed.


Last login: Mon Nov 24 11:12:09 2014 from


[JH@F5:Standby] ~ # tmsh

JH@F5(Standby)(tmos)# modify auth password-policy password-memory ?

Specifies the number of passwords that the BIG-IP system will remember for each user. A user will not be able to set their password to one of these passwords. The default value is 0 (zero).

If you look under the section for password-policy in the link below, you'll find password-memory in the available commands.



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