Our company (WISP company) has a management computer located on one gateway (Gateway A) with multiple routers with redundant routes to a second gateway (Gateway B). The traffic going through Gateway B is not visible through Gateway A when Gateway B is the active route. I'm needing the server to be able to see clients dynamically whether it's going through either gateway. Both Gateway A and Gateway B are controlled by Edge Routers.


By gateway I mean a path to the internet. We are running a public webpage on the server as well!

small network diagram

  • Also what do you mean by 'Gateway'? And what information about the clients does this management computer need to see?
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Assuming you mean the clients need to reach the server, it looks like you would add a static route to the 450-G (non-edge device) pointing the network at

If you mean something else by 'see clients dynamically whether it's going through either gateway' like WCCP/etc. then we would need that information to assist further.


You need to syslog the relevant client data to your central management server(s).

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