When would you choose to use the ip default-network command instead of the ip default-gateway command?

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ip default-gateway is to be used in L2 devices.

ip default-network would be used in L3 devices, but works slightly different from the usual static default route configured with ip route <next_hop>. Let's say you configure ip default-network Then, if the device already knows a route for, this route will be flagged as a default route candidate.

You need to take into account that ip default-network command is classful.

Further details and clarifications are available here


See here

Basically ip default-gateway is for layer-2 devices and ip default-network is for layer-3 devices.

ip default-network is basically a default route


When IP routing is enabled, the commands ip default-network and "ip route" etc. work the same. These commands would be used on a router or Layer 3 switch.

"ip default-gateway" would be used when ip routing is not enabled - for instance, on a Layer 2 switch that has an SVI for management but cannot route on that SVI.

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