Is it possible to set up a Distributed Trunk with 2 Core an 1 Acces Switch on HP 5406zl? I know that you can connect two switches with an interswitchconnect port. That would be the 2 core switches. Now you can set up a Distributed trunk, e.g. you want to plug in a server with one cabel per switch.

First Question: will the traffic run over one cabel until it's link is down or are the switches performing kind of load balancing?

Second Question: can i connect a Acces Switch with the same method?

See Graph below Graph_Switch

Thanks in Advance, Sorry for Mistakes :P

Greeting From Germany, Max


HP Switches support distributed trunking, so yes you can connect a switch to the trunk. The trunk is a single logical link, so yes the traffic is load balanced based on some combination of source and destination mac addresses.

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