Does anyone know whether it is possible to remotely change the mgmt IP, vlan and default gw of a HP Switch without losing connectivity when connecting via ssh to said IP?

  • Create new (mgmt) vlan
  • Create svi in new vlan
  • Change default gw to network of new vlan IP


  • Would it be possible to reconnect to the other IP? Create new vlan - have connectivity; SVI in vlan - have connectivity; define vlan as mgmt vlan - do I loose connectivity here?; change default gw - can I reconnect in the new network?
    – Max
    Dec 19, 2014 at 10:25
  • Depends on the device. Some devices only support one SVI or access to only one management IP while others allow multiple SVIs/IPs and allow management access to all/some of them. We would really need to know the model of the device to make this determination.
    – YLearn
    Dec 19, 2014 at 22:09
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    – Ron Maupin
    Jan 5, 2021 at 18:07

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This depends entirely on the switch model.

Simple layer-2 switches, "not likely". The issue is the inability to enter an atomic set of commands. Each configuration change will be active the instant it's entered. So, when you enter primary-vlan xx, the minute you hit enter your connection will fail.

With layer-3 switches, "Yes". But it takes a careful sequence. Be sure your moving of the mgmt interface and any associated route(s) will not break traffic forwarding/routing through the switch. Bring up IP on a different SVI (vlan). Then access the switch through that new interface, preferably from a local host (i.e. host in the same subnet) to avoid any routing issues. Then move the management vlan, if that model has any notion of "management vlan".

[Doing an in-place network / management redesign with a few nortel (avaya) switches was a real test. That ultimately took a bit of netmask juggling, proxy-arp, /32 routing *grin* (yes, a host can live on the wrong network), and leap-frog telnet's... and that was on a switch down the hall from me.]

  • I understand, thanks for the clarification. I am doing the changes on 2620 and 2920. If I create a new SVI and all SSH traffic to it I don't think I'll be able to access it. I canonly set 1 default GW and the new IP will be in a different network. If I had access to a local host on that network I could do it. Perhaps I can SSH into the switch from it's new default GW (breakout router). Alternatively, would it be possible to have the switch pull a new config file from a TFTP server on boot?
    – Max
    Dec 23, 2014 at 9:56

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