i have the following network:


The lower right router shall be my dhcp server (net - ip

It shall provide IPs for the upper left and lower left PCs and Printers.

The lower left net: The upper left:

I configured the ip helper-address on the lower left routers for vlan 2 interface witch is the one connected to the switches

If i wireshark the connection i cann see the DHCP discover message reaching the router in the lower right. The problem is: i don't get a reply from the dhcp server.

This is the config of it:

ip dhcp excluded-address

ip dhcp pool area1
! ( is the vlan interface of the lower left router)

EDIT// Just found out that my DHCP Server 'prentends' sending out dhcp offers ... but they never reach the client or even the next router as you can see on this wireshark snap:


And additionally if i enter 'show ip dhcp binding' the server did assign an ip ( to the correct mac address .... but it just never reached the client

Another question: Is there a possibility to put the second interface of the dhcp server into the same subnet for redundancy reasons?

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I solved my problem:

i was able to ping the dhcp router via the lower left router but never tried vise versa. I assumed as the dhcp discover can reach the router there shouldn't be a problem.

Actually the net was missing in the lower left eigrp tables, and the dhcp discover could only reach the server 'cos of the ip helper-address...

I should have tried it for the upper left ones earlier, because everything was fine there, it took me far to long to figure this out -.-


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