I'm studying about MPLS Network, i've doubt on that i.e.,

what is the difference between MPLS Layer-2 Vs Layer-3 Network ?

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Here is a short answer:

A L2 VPN acts like a layer 2 network. That is, all the devices that connect to the VPN would normally be on the same subnet, and broadcasts go to all devices.

In a L3 VPN, each site makes a L3 point to point link to the MPLS provider. Each site must run a routing protocol (or use static routing) with the provider to reach other sites.

Another way to think about it is, a L2 VPN acts like a virtual switch, while a L3 VPN acts like a virtual router.

  • L2 VPN think of it as a big distributes Ethernet switch
  • L3 VPN think of it as a big distributed router

Pseudowire or VLL (Virtual Local Loop) is a special variant of a L2 VPN which acts more like a L1 service (plain cable) as there is no mac learning inside the MPLS cloud and it can only be point to point where VPLS acts like a switch and dies mac learning and is point to multipoint.

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