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The data link is completely okay. I can access MGMT IPs of routers ( | from 3750 but not from PC. I can access 3750 MGMT IP ( from PC . Any idea why ?

Note : All management links are in same vlan in 3750


You need the following:

  • Plug an ethernet cable from the cisco 3750 into the ASR's MGMT ETHERNET port
  • Ensure the ASR MGMT ETHERNET cables are in mgmt_vlan on the 3750
  • Ensure the mgmt_vlan with is in the Cisco 3750's global routing table
  • Put an IP address on the MGMT ETHERNET GigabitEthernet0 port of the ASR's RP

After you've checked those things, then add this command on each of the ASRs...

ip route vrf Mgmt-intf

This is the Cisco ASR1000 doc ref:


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    This is absolutely the right answer. ASR management interfaces are VRF-locked into Mgmt-intf, and so ignore all global routing statics like you've probably already created. Also be aware that there are some limitations around using the Mgmt interface on an ASR -- namely that you can't send NetFlow statistics out of it. – Keller G Feb 9 '15 at 15:57

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