This reference states that class of service is supported in a logical system, but another reference disagrees. This may be a disparity between versions, but I have notoiced there is no class of service stanza in a logical system on 12.3. Does the global CoS config apply to logical systems; will the following work as imagined?

set logical-systems prod interfaces ge-1/1/1 unit 0
set class-of-service interfaces ge-1/1/1 unit 0 rewrite-rules dscp default

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The reference guide does state that configuring class of service on the main router will work for logical systems:

Port mirroring, source class usage, destination class usage, unicast reverse-path forwarding, 
class of service, firewall filters, class-based forwarding, and policy-based accounting work 
with logical systems when you configure these features on the main router.

So yes this will work as you expect.

This is similar to ipsec where you can only ipsec on the main router, but that still works within a logical system as I noted here: http://mellowd.co.uk/ccie/?p=3333

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    ACK. I'm guessing this is because each logical system starts new 'rpd' process, but they do not start new 'cos' process.
    – ytti
    Jun 8, 2013 at 9:25
  • Seems I overlooked an important detail. Thanks! Jun 8, 2013 at 13:20

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