Have an existing ASA that has a config I inherited. Looking at the firewall I do not see a rule that allows traffic of a certain pattern to traverse the firewall. I do see the pattern applied for NAT'ing reasons and I'm curious, if you have a NAT policy defined, is that traffic able to bypass the firewall?

For example, I have one access list defined as:

access-list policy-nat extended permit udp object-group MY_OBJ any eq snmp

and another as

access-list firewall-list extended permit udp host host eq snmp

Both ACL's are applied to the same interface as such:

nat (my-int) 22 access-list policy-nat access-group firewall-list in interface my-int

Will any traffic patterns that conform to the NAT rules bypass the access-group entries?

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nope, traffic that matches a NAT rule will not bypass the firewall rules.

Rules are applied in the following order:

  • Incoming ACL on the incoming interface
  • NAT rules
  • Outgoing ACL on the outbound interface

You may find a graphic representation of the process here: http://www.tunnelsup.com/cisco-asa-order-of-operation

Hope that helps!

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    FYI. This changes in 8.3+. NAT is processed before ACLs.
    – Eddie
    Mar 18, 2015 at 7:55

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