I am looking for SNMP OIDs giving all information about the topology status. If directly connecting to the switch, I can find the following information :

    Unit  MAC Address        Software    Master    Uplink     Downlink   Status
    ----  -----------------  ----------  --------  ---------  ---------  -------
    1     d0:d0:d0:d0:d0:d0    Enabled   2          2          master
    2     d0:d0:d0:d0:d0:d0    Enabled   1          1          backup
    Topology is Ring
    Stack image auto synchronization is enabled

    Unit Unit Id After Reset
    ---- -------------------
     1            0
     2            0

I know that I can find the main information with the sub-tree : .

But, so far, I didn't find any OID to get the topology and the image synchronization.

Any idea ?


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Dell has the rlstack.mib. It doesn't seem to exist online (anymore), but can be retrieved from the firmware on Dell Support, or I posted a copy on Gist.

Try using a snmpwalk on . and see if you get any data. If so, use the Gist or the full MIBs from the firmware to interpret.

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