Is there a command to view maximum number of MAC address entries in CAM table in Catalyst series switches? I have usually found this information from release notes.


Yes, but this might be platform dependent.

For example, on Cisco 4900M:

4900M#show mac address-table count 
MAC Entries for all vlans:
Dynamic Unicast Address Count:                  8507
Static Unicast Address (User-defined) Count:    130
Static Unicast Address (System-defined) Count:  18
Total Unicast MAC Addresses In Use:             8655
Total Unicast MAC Addresses Available:          55000
Multicast MAC Address Count:                    28
Total Multicast MAC Addresses Available:        32768

Cisco 3560G:

3560#show mac address-table count 
Mac Entries for Vlan 738:
Dynamic Address Count  : 1
Static  Address Count  : 0
Total Mac Addresses    : 1
Total Mac Address Space Available: 5894

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