I am looking for information on what each part of a remote log(syslog) entry is from a Dell PowerConnect or Dell N series switch.

I have the following log entry of:

<190> May 15 11:06:19 CLI_WEB[89546900]: cmd_logger_api.c(260) 8930 %% [WEB:admin:] User has succesfully logged in

I see it goes:

  • PRI
  • Month
  • Day
  • Time
  • (Outgoing host IP or lowest IP on switch) ?
  • Component
  • PID
  • Executable
  • (Unknown number after executable) ?
  • (Unknown number) ?
  • Message

Anyone be able to shed a little better light on this?

Here are a few more entries from some other switches:

<190> May 15 11:36:12 UNITMGR[842641108]: unitmgr.c(6794) 7803 %% Copy of running configuration to backup unit complete
<190> May 15 11:43:34 CLI_WEB[89546900]: cmd_logger_api.c(260) 8937 %% [WEB:admin:] Disconnected due to Idle Timeout
<189> MAY 15 08:08:49 TRAPMGR[152633056]: traputil.c(611) 8151 %% 1/0/42 is transitioned from the Learning state to the Forwarding state in instance 0

Found the manual that shows the format. The format is as follows:

PRI Timestamp HostIP Address StackID Component Name Thread ID File name line number sequence number message

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