Is there an equivalent command/function either from CLI or SmartDashboard similar to the ASA 'packet-tracer' command?

For those unfamiliar with 'packet-tracer' - in the ASA CLI we are able to test flows in this manner:

packet-tracer input INSIDE tcp 1025 80 det

Where the RFC1918 address is the source, and is the destination. This command is used to verify rule input and assess which rules a given flow is either being allowed or denied by.

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Checkpoint has the fw monitor command which should provide similar informations. This reference looks pretty good.


fw monitor is not equivalent. If you want to check (in limited way compared to ASA) whether packet will be allowed/dropped + and by which rule(s) use command fw up_execute from EXPERT mode of checkpoint CLI. Example: #fw up_execute src= dst= ipp=6 dport=443

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