Different VLAN and unmanaged switch

Is it possible to configure a network like shown in above diagram? I want to have 3 VLAN connected a unmanaged switch which is connected to a managed switch. I have created VLANs in this Multilayer switch, but I am not sure about the switchport mode of the connected Ethernet port.

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Sadly, no. The unmanaged switch doesn't have the ability to create or trunk VLANs (if it did, it would be a managed switch). It will treat all the PCs as if they were on the same VLAN.

If it were a mananged switch, you would configure the 3560 port as a trunk port. But your unmanaged switch will not understand VLAN tagging.


It depends on the device you have. I know some cheap switches (~10-15 USD), that are "transparent" for vlans. In that case every vlan must be tagged on both sides (managed switch and computer).

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