Dell 6224 is L3 switch: Does L3 switch have unique MAC address for different port?

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Honestly, it's unthinkable for an Ethernet port not to have an individual MAC address. For a lot of reasons... LAN communication, port-channel, etc. But let's doubt it, in the world of machines everything is possible! You could check that, you have a bunch of show commands there:

show interfaces detail {ethernet interface | port-channel port-channel-number}, where

• interface — A valid Ethernet port. 
• port-channel-number — A valid port-channel trunk index. 

Even show bridge address-table [vlan vlan ] [ethernet interface | port-channel port-channel-number ] could help.

In the end, the output of the show tech-support command combines the output of a lot of other commands. Of course, it's verbose and you have to scroll it, but you need that MAC! :)

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