i have mikrotik cloud router switch . First of all i want to set vlanning for layer2 separating in all IPs (clients) qua all clients can't access to another. For the 2nd step i want to have an central accounting for user managing.

note : already i configured usermanager and hotspot without vlanning that isn't my purpose . because i bridged client interfaces together that separating failed .

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This is from the port isolation part for CRS on Mikrotik wiki:

With default configuration for CRS ether2 is the uplink (gateway) port for local users so you need to add profile for it:

/interface ethernet switch port
    set ether2 isolation-leakage-profile-override=0

Then you need to set isolated profile for the users (example here is for ports 3 to 6 only, you need to add more if needed):

/interface ethernet switch port
    set ether3 isolation-leakage-profile-override=1
    set ether4 isolation-leakage-profile-override=1
    set ether5 isolation-leakage-profile-override=1
    set ether6 isolation-leakage-profile-override=1

And let only uplink port communicate with them:

/interface ethernet switch port-isolation
    add port-profile=1 ports=ether2 type=dst

This way they can reach internet, but not communicate among themselves.

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