I have created the user in Juniper devices by below commands

root@qfx5100# set system login user RO class super-user

Now the user RO has been created and I have not given any password to it. But when I try to login with RO it asks me for password and when I leave it blank and hit on enter it gives me access denied.

What password should I enter in that case so that I can get access to it.

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I don't think that will work, Juniper will just refuse the login since there's no valid authentication mechanism configured. The only way to do this properly is by actually setting a password:

user@juniper# set system login user teun authentication plain-text-password 

and/or a SSH key:

user@juniper# set system login user teun authentication ssh-rsa "<public key>"
root@host# edit system login
root@switch# edit user huzeyfe
root@switch# set class super-user
root@switch# set authentication plain-text-password

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