On my Huawei CE12800 device, I am trying to run this config. Beside a standart BGP process, I am using three community values to control traffic with my upstream provider. With 555 community value, I can block traffic which has an international origin. should be reachable only from my local network and from upstream network. Despite of I can succesfully announce with 555 community, but static ip route to NULL interface blocks the traffic. I need a dummy route entry to bring up BGP announce which doesn't block traffic locally.

BTW, this setup works on my old 3com 8800 device.

interface Vlanif1000
 ip address
bgp 11111
 group UPSTREAM external
 peer UPSTREAM as-number 22222
 peer as-number 22222
 peer group UPSTREAM
 ipv4-family unicast
  default-route imported
  peer UPSTREAM enable
  peer UPSTREAM route-policy export_upstream export
  peer UPSTREAM advertise-community
  peer enable
  peer group UPSTREAM
route-policy export_upstream permit node 5
 if-match ip-prefix black_hole
 apply community 22222:666
route-policy export_upstream permit node 6
 if-match ip-prefix upstream_int2
 apply community 22222:555
route-policy export_upstream permit node 7
 if-match ip-prefix upstream_int1
 apply community 22222:444
route-policy export_upstream permit node 10
 if-match ip-prefix local_upstream
 apply local-preference 25
ip ip-prefix local_upstream index 84 permit 24 greater-equal 24 less-equal 32
ip ip-prefix black_hole index 10 permit 32 greater-equal 32 less-equal 32
ip ip-prefix upstream_int1 index 10 permit 32 greater-equal 32 less-equal 32
ip ip-prefix upstream_int2 index 10 permit 32 greater-equal 32 less-equal 32
ip ip-prefix upstream_int2 index 34714 permit 32
ip route-static
ip route-static NULL0 description BGPTEST
ip route-static NULL0 
  • The tie-down route to Null0 should only be used for your aggregate. Traffic to is getting black-holed because of the /32 host route to Null0 you have configured. What happens when you try to remove that host route? Also why is the host route configured to be announced via BGP? – John Jensen Aug 17 '15 at 17:22

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