I am currently reviewing this course https://learningportal.juniper.net/juniper/user_activity_info.aspx?id=769

And it states you can set Frame Control Settings on Wireless networks such as: RTS threshold, Retry Counters, and Fragmentation threshold.

Is this set as a parameter to filter traffic on the client or the access device, or both?

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This type of parameter can be set on both type of devices. The difference is that most of the time, if it is set on a station, it will only affect this particular station, while if it is set on the AP, it will affect every connected station.

However, certain parameters, like Greenfield, can be set on a station and will impact the whole network if the AP is set to allow it (Greenfield was a technology designed to improve speed on 802.11n networks, but it also prevents non-greenfield stations to listen to the traffic).

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