I have a laptop (pc1) that is connected to a network governed by 802.11x. I want to route traffic from my other pc (pc2) through pc1 so the network will think that the traffic is from pc1 even though it is from pc2. Both pcs run windows 7 and I have a tp link router at my disposal.

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  • What's 802.11x? (did you mean 802.1x perhaps?) – Ricky Sep 9 '15 at 20:22

two solution could be resolve this problem

  1. if your PCs have wireless NIC connection may you create add hock connection in pc1 and make pc2 join it so that pc2 can talk to network through pc1

  2. if you have in pc1 NIC with 2 ports or may you install other NIC if not, may you use one of them to establish communication between two PCs and the other to be connected to network so that pc2 can talk to network through pc1

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