Is there a way in Junos 12.3R4.6 to filter Cron jobs out of the syslog that is being sent to a host running Kiwi. enter image description here

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Typically, log filtering is done on syslog servers, not on routers, but if you really want to do this on your router, it's possible.

A very simple way to achieve it is to set your log level higher than informational, but that filters out more than just cron messages, so that probably isn't such a good idea.

But there's a nice KB article on how to filter syslog output: KB9382, so probably something like this should work:

[edit system syslog]
host {
  any any;
  match "!(.*cron.*)";
  • Great thank you I will give this a try and report back.
    – PbRec
    Sep 21, 2015 at 14:01

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