I am documenting equipment which requires me to state installed Physical Layer Interface Module (PLIM)/slot and transceivers/interfaces. What confused me is the different information shown between #show inventory and #show interface description.

  1. The information from #show interface description doesn't list all interfaces under a slot shown from #show inventory. The slot has status ready from #show platform.

  2. The information from #show inventory doesn't list all interfaces which are listed from #show int description.

Any reasons for these situations? Any suggestions so that I can documenting without any contradictions? Router is Cisco ASR 12000 series.

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show inventory shows you the device components, part-no. and erial-no. so you may also see controller´s, Crypto-Modules, SFP's, Power-supplies, etc.

show interface shows all interfaces (which may have a protocal attached, for example, IPv4) . This includes interfaces without hardware, like loopback, tunnel, Ethernet.subinterfaces ( gig 0/1.234 ) , and dynamically created (virtual-access, ...) or the stamp of them (virtual-template).

Use "show inventory" "show license" "show hardware" "show diag" "show platform" to collect the physical infrastructure.

Get "show running" for the Configuration and the allways-be-there interfaces, including non-physical or interface-templates.

Dont forget to save the IOS Version and Variety which is running.

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