I got an port here from somewhere, and I'm guessing its an isdn30 line but I'm not sure. How can I check if its indeed an isdn30 line? I can plug my laptop in with an utp-cable but is there a program which can detect which line it is?

Thanks in advance

  • No, it's not ethernet, so you cannot plug it into your laptop. – Ricky Sep 22 '15 at 21:12

the port you are specking about called controller and for 30 it will be E1 . its format will be something like E1 0/0/0 .
so by issue sh controllers E1 you will get some thing like

E1 0/0/0 is up.
E1 0/0/1 is down.

the UP one is the CONNECTED one

to check the status of the ISDN ,issue the command sh isdn status

Global ISDN Switchtype = primary-net5
ISDN Serial0/0/0:15 interface
dsl 0, interface ISDN Switchtype = primary-net5
Layer 1 Status:
Layer 2 Status:
Layer 3 Status:
0 Active Layer 3 Call(s)
Active dsl 0 CCBs = 0
The Free Channel Mask: 0xFFFF7FFF
Number of L2 Discards = 0, L2 Session ID = 6
Total Allocated ISDN CCBs = 0

the most importunate here ,the status of layer 1 which active indicating that connection is establish and every thing going well

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