ODAS (Outdoor Distributed Antenna System) and Wireless APs - From what I know ODAS connects to Cellular towers while APs go through the Wireless Technology? Please add some more information.

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A DAS is a system of managed hubs and remote antennas that distribute a wireless signal to a series of connected indoor or outdoor multi-band, multi-technology radio heads as shown:

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At the head-end of the DAS, service providers typically locate base stations to provide the cellular signal. A main hub takes that signal, digitizes it, and distributes it to other hubs and radio heads via a high-bandwidth fiber optic network. At the antenna, the radio converts the signals from digital to RF and RF to digital. You can find more about DAS in this link DAS tech

The answer to your question:

  1. This style of wireless implementation is suitable for Wi-Fi, but only 5% of commercial Wi-Fi implementations use a distributed antenna system. It is more common for mobile network indoor and outdoor implementations. On the other side, APs are used for Wi-Fi in most implementation scenarios (e.g. mesh connections).
  2. DAS acts as one big controller with multiple antennas (one huge AP), but AP Wi-Fi implementations distribute and control the APs themselves.

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