I have enabled top-talkers ingress/egress

ip flow-top-talkers top 10 sort-by bytes cache-timeout 1

I wanted to confirm a couple things with the output below

1.) When I see a (K), I assume its Kilobytes, NOT Kilobits? 2.) I see two different flows for the same source. Could an example of this be when someone is downloading a file and uploading or streaming music simultaneously?

R2#show ip flow top-talkers

SrcIf         SrcIPaddress    DstIf         DstIPaddress    Pr SrcP DstP Bytes
Fa0/0     Local     01 0000 0800  2257K
Fa0/0     Local     01 0000 0000   165K
2 of 10 top talkers shown. 2 flows processed.
  1. If you read the heading over the K quantities, it says, "Bytes."
  2. A host can have many different simultaneous flows. Just about everything today multitasks. You can download multiple things and upload multiple things all while using VoIP.

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