I have 2 switches in the same rack AC room etc.

Temperature Value: 41 Degree Celsius
Temperature State: GREEN
Yellow Threshold : 66 Degree Celsius
Red Threshold    : 76 Degree Celsius


System Temperature Value: 27 Degree Celsius
System Temperature State: GREEN
Yellow Threshold : 46 Degree Celsius
Red Threshold    : 60 Degree Celsius

How is this possible? Anyone seen something like this before, Does a 3750V2 just run hot?

  • Have you eliminated rack placement as a possibility? Hot air in a rack rises, some equipment in adjacement racks have right-to-left airflow, etc. What's the relative position of these two switches to one another? Different models can certainly have very different temp dynamics. – generalnetworkerror Jul 13 '13 at 8:06
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If you look at the warning/critical thresholds for these devices, this looks to be expected behavior as the 3750v2 has significantly higher settings.

Without delving into it in great detail, I would guess that the 3750X has the temp sensors at the airflow inlet and the 3750v2 has them at the outlet, possibly because IIRC the 3750X also has removable fan units and they didn't want to put the sensors in the fan units.

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  • From 3750X environmental specifications, its operating range of temperature is between -5 ºC and 45 ºC. The "Yello Threshold" is right at 46 ºC. This seems to confirm that 3750X temperature sensors are placed at the airflow inlet. – Daniel Yuste Aroca Jul 13 '13 at 9:12

The difference might simply be attributable to differing processing hardware or even temperature sensor locations.

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The 3750X also has extra air inlets above the ethernet ports. And it is a different platform, so quite possibly just has the sensor in a cooler location.

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