I want to back up the configuration of an Enterasys switch via TFTP. When I connect a machine to the switch and give it the command, it returns the error:

please remove back up file

How I can back it up?

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    Aug 12, 2017 at 19:14

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Did you try deleting the backup file? I haven't used an Enterasys before but a quick search of your problem yielded a manual explaining what you're trying to do and how to fix it.


A4(su)->show config outfile configs/config-bak.cfg
A4(su)->copy configs/config-bak.cfg tftp://<IP_ADDRESS>/config-bak.txt

Please post the commands you used to back up the configuration. If it is not a command issue you might want to check your tftp server. Is it reachable? Can you upload files from other sources? (if not - check windows firewall & reachability between switch an TFTP server)

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