Have any of you had any experience using PFSense and Auto Scaling in AWS?

Does PFSense have support for a user-data field? [1]

Is there a way of running start-up custom scripts inside PFSense?


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I recently worked on replacing a bunch of sophos firewalls with pfSense ones. My first impression is that pfSense isn't yet ready to the cloud. As a cloud user, you would expect that you could automate every aspect of your infrastructure and pfSense doesn't help with this.

You can't use userdata to script the instance startup and it lacks ASG integration as well. Also, the configuration is expected to be generated by its GUI only.

We managed to automate the instance creation and config.xml generation using ansible ( essentially using a template to generate the XML file ) so this is an advantage compared to Sophos.

I believe it would be possible (and probably easy) to extend pfSense and add support to autoscaling groups in there - as an external package or plugin or whatever they call it ( that's actually a good idea of a pet project )

  • I agree with you in the sentence "pfSense isn't yet ready to the cloud"; however, s not easy to add it support for autoscaling and userdata. It will require to add cloud-init to pfSense, and other tweaks. – walterbio Aug 3 '18 at 19:13

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