I want to connect two networks using a wireless bridge. My networks are in different subnets and each have their own router (and DHCP server, and independent internet connection).

I tried a basic layer 2 bridge, but I can't connect to devices on the other network. I can ping both wireless devices (Ubiquiti Nanostation) from network 1.

Network 1: Router IP: (and DHCP server), Mask: Nanostation IP: (as Access Point), Mask:

Network 2: Router IP: (and DHCP server), Mask: Nanostation IP: (as Station), Mask:

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You need to provide a route, otherwise you have two networks with no reason to talk across the link, as they are different subnets, with different default gateways, and the nanostation at network 2 is on network 1. If you plug a single computer into the LAN port on that nanostation, does it connect to network 1? it should, if the link is working. But without a route, no traffic will flow.

So you need a router at each end that is capable of managing a connection to WAN and a connection to the other network. Not difficult, but not consumer-grade stuff.

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