simple question. I am trying to allow traffic from NetworkA to NetworkB through and old PIX firewall. The firewall has a leg into each NetworkA+B.

nameif ethernet1 inside security 100
nameif ethernet2 dmz security 20

ip address inside
ip address dmz

I want to allow an IP to connect to over port 14333. After researching, I was told that I need to make a static statement for each direction and use conduit command as well...Correct me if I am wrong..

static (dmz,inside) netmask 0 0 
conduit permit tcp host host eq 1433

I have only done Cisco Firewall rules via access-lists and access-groups. However I am limited to this method due to the version of our PIX.

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I can't say for certain with 6.2 as I'm only familiar with 6.3+ but this is how you would usually do it.

access-list dmz-in permit tcp host host eq 1433
access-group dmz-in in interface dmz

This will basically put an access-list on the DMZ interface and allow the traffic that you have mentioned.

Be aware that if you don't already have one applied that when you put an access-group on an interface it changes the traffic behaviours of existing traffic and you will need to add these to the same ACL.

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