In the TC message of OLSR that is created by each node x, x includes its MS set,
i.e., a list of nodes that have selected it as an MPR. Assume instead that TC messages
created by each node x, let x include its MPR set (rather than its MS set). Will the routing still work properly?

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  • Just a glossary: OLSR is Optimised Link State Routing Protocol; TC is topology control, a type of routing message in OLSR; MPR is multipoint relay, a node which retransmits link state information MS is multipoint relay selector, ie a node which has chosen a given MPR, "set" has the meaning of "unordered collection". – jonathanjo Oct 24 '18 at 10:17

It's impossible to answer your question because there are some assumptions wrong in it.

First, in OLSR not all nodes generate TC messages. Only nodes that have been selected as a MPR generate and relay TCs.

Second, the node generating the TC message includes in it the list of all its symmetric neighbors, not just those that have selected it as a MPR (i.e. its MS set).

Here's a short explanation of the OLSR protocol and the RFC (3626) that details it.

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