Is it possible to connect an server with FCOE adapter on a virtual chassis juniper ex4550 in order to access a fc disk array connected to a Cisco Nexus 5548UP?

The juniper and the nexus are connected together with 10G optic cable.

Thanks for your answer.

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I don't believe this is possible, although Juniper's documentation is very vague.

It is my understanding that in order to do FCoE, the EX4550 must be a stand-alone device, not part of a Virtual-Chassis.

There is vague reference in the EX4600 doco that says:

 Note: Standalone switches support FCoE. Virtual Chassis (VC) and mixed-    
 mode Virtual Chassis Fabric (VCF) configurations do not support FCoE.    
 Pure QFX5100 switch VCFs (consisting of only QFX5100 switches) support FCoE.

This can be found at the following URL:


You could test on a dummy VLAN on your EX-VC by trying to commit the following and see what happens:

ethernet-switching-options {
    secure-access-port {
        interface xe-0/0/0.0 {
        vlan my-fcoe-vlan {
            examine-fip {
                fc-map 0x0EFC03;
  • Thanks for your answer. We have a problem with dcbx exchange between juniper and cisco, the status on juniper stay at in-sync.
    – AdrienF
    Nov 22, 2015 at 20:58

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