So I have an ethernet cable but I can see only one end of it. From the colors this end is Straight. The other end is connected to a router or switch (I don't know where it's connected because it goes inside a wall).

Is there a way to know if it's Crossover or not?

Problem is, it works on a laptop with Windows 10. Doesn't work on the same laptop with Ubuntu (Linux 3.2), doesn't work on a mac and doesn't work on a router (a Linksys). By doesn't work I mean it's not even recognised as plugged. I need to make it work on a router I have (the router's ports are all working, I tested with another cable).

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There is no way to tell if a cable is a crossover cable or a straight through cable without access to both ends. I doubt your problem has to do with cross over since it does work with Windows on a laptop, but not Linux on the same laptop because you are using the same interface for both.

It's not a very good idea to connect to a cable when you don't know where it is connected on the other end, especially when you want to connect a network infrastructure device like a router.

Why do you not know where it is connected on the other end? It is, after all, your network, and the National Electric Code requires cables to be terminated and labeled on both end and ready for use, or they are considered abandoned and must be removed.


Sorry bro, if you want to figure out whether it is a crossover cable or a straight one you have to check out both sides. U have to find a way to know where it is connected on the other side.

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