I look after an HP NNMi instance, a network management station which mainly does SNMP polling to get statistics from network devices.

I have been asked if it is possible to get utilisation statistics for a Vlan interface, but my initial investigations have revealed that the normal way to do this results in an SNMP counter sitting at 0 for input octets (ifInOctets), and therefore the ifInUtilizationPct is also sitting at 0.

For the output side, I can at least see some counters are non-zero, but the utilisation one is 0.

Is this a limitation of SNMP with respect to vlan interfaces, or is this something that can be fixed or worked around?

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I'm not familiar with this specific model, but having no counter incrementation on vlan interfaces is pretty common. It's not so much a limitation of SNMP as a limitation of how the switch itself is built. The ASICs behind the interfaces often do not allow for updating per-vlan counters.

Also beware that if you look at the standard MIB2 counters, you're usually seeing either physical interfaces or layer 3 Vlan interfaces (SVIs). So even if you were to read a non-zero value there, it would be packets routed to or from that VLAN on layer 3, not packets switched within that VLAN on layer 2.

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