I configure Netflow Flexible use IPFIX protocol on a Cisco router and receive IPFIX packet from it successfully. The router exports data-sets with an exporter (source id = 0) and template-sets with another exporter (source id = 1).

I was tested that before, by configuring a router on GNS3, but I received data-sets and template-sets from same exporter (source id).

Is it important to match data and template by their source-id and template-id? or I should match data and template by their template-id and source-ip!

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ID was replaced with an "observation domain", which is essentially the same thing, a unique 32-bit number indicating the source of the export.

Unfortunately, the templates from one source are not necessarily the same as templates from another -- even in the same device -- and therefore the data records may be formatted differently. You will know this is going wrong when the data seems way out of whack.

You may be running into a configuration issue, here is some additional background into configuring flexible NetFlow: http://www.flowtraq.com/corporate/blog/tech-thoughts/configuring-flexible-netflow-export-cisco-routers/

Hope that helps.


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