We are deploying a Cisco wireless network with a Cisco WLC 2504 controller and 2602 AP's. Can you tell about your recommendation to deploy good L2 wireless roaming? What about such features as 802.11k (wlan assited-roaming neighbor-list, wlan assited-roaming dual-list, wlan assited-roaming prediction), 802.11r (Fast Roaming) and CCX Location Mesurement.

I discovered that there are a lot of problems with 802.11r and clients that do not support this feature.

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Your are correct about 802.11r and it's issues with lack of client-support.

Assuming your deploying WPA2-Enterprise or similar (where session keys are established)...you should take a look at the following. It's great reading, especially since your inquiring about 'best practices' with very little detail on your deployment (ie target devices/applications...VoWiFi?):

802.11r/k: http://www.revolutionwifi.net/2013/05/apple-ios-fast-roaming-with-aerohive-wi.html

CCKM/PCK-OKC and description of roaming techniques: http://www.revolutionwifi.net/2012/02/wi-fi-roaming-analysis-part-2-roaming.html

Follow the links at the bottom of the 2nd URL for Cisco recommendations, but again...will depend heavily on your target device/application.

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