I am working on a monitoring application, using SharpSNMPLib on C#. I was using SNMP Traps but found out that there are some traps that are lost. Now I am using SNMP Informs.

Do you think that this counters the loss (because Informs are acknowledged traps), or is it pretty much the same thing?


It really depends on the sender. For instance, if it is a fatal event, it is unlikely that the sender will be able to resend an unacknowledged event. In general, informs are more reliable than traps, but there is no guarantee that a sender will resend an unacknowledged inform, only that the sender can resend an unacknowledged inform.

This is how Cisco explains informs, SNMP Inform Request:

SNMP Inform Request

The SNMP Inform Request feature supports sending inform requests. SNMP asynchronous notifications are usually sent as SNMP traps.

Traps are less reliable than informs because an acknowledgment is not sent from the receiving end when a trap is received; however, an SNMP manager that receives an inform acknowledges the message with an SNMP response PDU. If the sender does not receive a response for an inform, the inform can be sent again.

  • If I understood you well, you mean that if the inform is lost, it can be sent again, nevertheless there is no guarantee? – Rafa Ayadi Mar 15 '16 at 15:52
  • Correct. There is acknowledgement, but it is not like TCP where there is an actual two-way conversation set up which guarantees delivery. – Ron Maupin Mar 15 '16 at 15:55

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