A switch running at remote location and connected on network having IP address How to change IP address of the switch via telnet so that the switch cannot get lost and gets ip address from DHCP which becomes problematic to find.

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It can be problematic to change an address remotely. The best option is to do it in person from the directly attached console. To move the switch to a different subnet, that is indeed what is required. In your case, it's still in the same subnet with the same gateway, so you can just telnet in and change it. The instant the command is entered, your telnet session will stop, but you should be able to telnet to the new address and continue. (save the config, etc.)

When moving to a different subnet, the gateway has to be changed as well. You'll lose contact the instant either the gateway or address are changed. And the address has to change first. If you have machines in both networks, and changing the address of the switch will not otherwise break the network, then logging in to each network allows you a local path (not through a gateway) to the switch in either subnet. Change the address, go to the machine in the other network and continue your work.

If you have console (out-of-band) access, none of this mess is required.

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If you have more than one VLAN running (lets say 10 with and 20 ) on the switch you could give the switch an IP address in another VLAN Interface (i. e. VLAN 20 with; check if you could connect to it ( and if it is so you can change the IP address ( while connected via telnet to the other VLAN interface ( on the switch.

Please think of it and check (2nd VLAN will be routed to your location and so on) if this will be a oppertunity for you befor doing it.

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Use the reload command to issue a delayed reload to the switch. Then make your change and see if it worked. If you messed up, the switch will reboot with the old configuration intact, enabling you to try again until you get it right.


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