Is it possible to get L2VPN xconnect state in IOS-XR routers over SNMP? It should have 7 possible states(Up, Down, Admin Down, Unresolved, Standby, Standby Ready, Partially Programmed):

RP/0/RSP0/CPU0:r1#show l2vpn xconnect group TEST-GROUP xc-name TEST-XCONNECT        
Legend: ST = State, UP = Up, DN = Down, AD = Admin Down, UR = Unresolved,
        SB = Standby, SR = Standby Ready, (PP) = Partially Programmed

XConnect                   Segment 1                       Segment 2                
Group      Name       ST   Description            ST       Description            ST    
------------------------   -----------------------------   -----------------------------
                      UP   Gi0/1/0/1.2            UP   2110   UP    

At least for example polling pseudo-wire packet statistics over SNMP in IOS-XR is not supported.

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CISCO-IETF-PW-MIB::cpwVcTable provides pseudo-wire VC status and some other configuration data. CISCO-IETF-PW-MIB::cpwVcPerfTotalTable gives per-VC packets and bytes 64-bit counters.

With net-snmp utils you can try queries like (works on ASR9K):

snmptable -v2c -c public -M /usr/share/snmp/CISCO -m CISCO-IETF-PW-MIB -IR -Ci YOUR_ROUTER_NAME_OR_IP cpwVcTable
snmptable -v2c -c public -M /usr/share/snmp/CISCO -m CISCO-IETF-PW-MIB -IR -Ci YOUR_ROUTER_NAME_OR_IP cpwVcPerfTotalTable

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