I am planning to migrate an /22 Subnet into a other datacenter. Currently i have announced every /24er seperatly.

My plan is, that i create a /22 subnet with the AS from the new datacenter on ripe. After i have migrated a /24 block i unannounce that /24 announcement and migrate the next ip block.

Does i understand it correctly, that when i stop the announcement of the /24 subnet, it will fall back to the less specific announcement and the IPs will be routed into the new datacenter?

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You can use aggregate routes, and announce only those, or you can announce the aggregate and individual routes. As long a one of the individual routes in an aggregate are in your routing table, the aggregate route will be announced.

Creating an aggregate route will also create a route to Null0, so that any traffic coming in for that aggregate which doesn't match any of the individual routes, will be dropped.

Simply announcing a less specific route, rather than using an aggregate will not work, unless you have the aggregate route in your routing table, since BGP only announces routes to which it has a path.

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